Self-storage Tips that Will Make Your Move Easier

Perhaps the most important self-storage tips are relate to security. Keeping important items of great financial (or even sentimental) value in a safe and secure storage is important. You will need to make sure that the facilities are secure, both in terms of protecting the items from damage, and from the perspective of deterring theft.

Moving home can be a stressful proposition that involves a lot of time and effort in terms of de-cluttering and reorganizing things. A lot of people find that they have a large number of possessions that they want to keep, like furniture or seasonal sport recreational items that are brought out only a few months per year.

This can be problematic when you are moving, but you don’t have to find space for them in your new home. Putting things in self storage is a great solution.

You’re Going To Need Moving Supplies

Life wasn’t meant to be lived in one place. There comes a time in every person’s life when it’s time to move on. This could be after graduation high school, or retiring after fifty years as an accountant. Whatever the reason may be, you’re going to need moving supplies. Moving supplies aren’t only bought because they are necessary, they also make the moving process a whole lot easier.


When you are choosing boxes to help you move, you’re going to have the choice between plastic, or cardboard. Plastic boxes are more durable. Your stuff is much less likely to compromise the boxes ability to hold it with its weight.

However, cardboard boxes are cheaper. Cardboard boxes can be easily sealed with tape. They can then be opened with a sharp knife upon arrival at the destination. Both can be reused. A plastic box is more likely to hold up for a long amount of time.

There are other supplies you may need as well. Be sure to get everything before the moving process, so it can be as smooth as possible. Think of all the supplies that could keep your stuff safe, like bubble wrap.


Things to remember

• fill boxes to their capacity. Boxes that are irregular or no full will have a tendency to tip or collapse.

• Use large boxes for items that are light in weight (sheets, pillows, etc.), and smaller boxes for books and heavy tools. Glass items such as china or dishes should be wrapped with clean packing paper or bubble wrap.

• Take inventory of everything that is packed and label the boxes. Number the boxes for easy reference. This will not only help when you are looking for something in storage, but will also make it easy when moving to your final destination.

• Consult with our storage professionals if have any questions or special needs. Our knowledge and experience may reduce any anxiety you may be experiencing.

• We will take advantage of the entire storage space available. Some rooms have ceilings over eight feet high.

• Strict fire prevention codes prohibit the storage to have any combustibles, explosives, perishables, or liquids.

• Any furniture that can be disassembled will allow it to fit into smaller areas.

• Wrap all sensitive or fragile items in plastic or bubble wrap.

• Stack mattresses, sofas, and loveseats on end to save floor space. Wrap cushions in plastic and place on top of furniture.

• Use climate control units for for those items like antiques that could be sensitive to hot or cold temperature swings.

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