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Occasions do arise when you need to relocate and have to vacate your existing premises. You may not yet have made arrangements for a home at the new location, but yet need to pack your goods and arrange for them to be moved. In the interim, it is best to take advantage of moving storage facilities that many moving companies will be glad to provide.

These companies will arrange to pack your belongings, furniture and all, and move them into storage containers. These containers have heavy duty doors, which are watertight and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You rent out these containers for a fixed period, and once you have made arrangements for new premises in your new location, you can ask the moving company to move these containers to your new place of duty.

using self storage for all those extra things in your garageThese storage facilities take the uncertainty out of moving and let you have a proper facility to store your goods while you make arrangements for their permanent shifting. It is also possible for you to detain this container at your new location while you find the time to de-stuff the container. During this period, you can be sure that your moved goods are safe and secure in the rented container.

We proudly serve all your self-storage needs all over Westchester County by way of our ubox it we pick it up for FREE service