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A quick, efficient and convenient relocation can be costly. However, the expense of the move is dependent on a number of factors that you can manipulate to lower the overall cost.


1. The Size Of The Move

The more items or belongings that need to be relocated, the bigger the moving van or truck will need to be. You will be charged more for the use of a larger vehicle. Sell, donate or trash any items that no longer use or want before moving. The profit from selling items can be used to boost your moving budget.

2. The Distance

The further you are moving away from your current location, the more the move will cost. Make sure that all your items can be relocated in one trip. Ensure that the moving company uses the quickest route to your destination.

3. Avoid Peak Moving Times

Peak moving times include weekends and the beginning or end of every month. Try to schedule your move to fall on a weekday during the middle of the month and you should receive a lower rate or a discount. Try to schedule a moving day way ahead of time.

4. Forego Additional Services

Some moving companies provide a range of additional services to make your moving experience less stressful and more convenient. However, these additional services cost more so you may want to eliminate these from a quote to save some money.

5. Compare Quotes From Different Moving Companies

Get estimates from different moving companies and compare the individual as well as total amounts. Local removal companies often charge less to relocate within a defined area but could charge more for national or international relocation. Larger, well-known moving companies may charge more but provide you with greater expertise and better value for your money.

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