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There are a few cultural memes and jokes in the United States that stick around far past their usefulness, if they were ever useful at all. One of the most common ones is the idea of a storage unit being the place where a pathetic bachelor or divorcee keeps all his things, while he lives in a run down, worn out apartment.

It’s unfortunate that storage units have taken on such a negative connotation in the United States, because there really is no better way to get all the storage space you need at the price you can afford. Many people like the idea of having their storage in their own home, but that fails for a number of different reasons.

Why At Home Storage Fails

When you’re trying to find storage space in your own home, you’re limited in area. You generally get the basement, the garage, and the attic for storage, and not every house has all three of those. There are plenty of homes that only have two out of the three, and some that only have one. That means that if you’re hoping to have storage in your home, you may be severely limited in space.

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Not only might you be limited in space, but those areas are almost never made with the idea of storage in mind. A basement may be suitable to keep a certain amount of stuff in, but you always have to be worried about it leaking. Attics were never made with storage in mind. Rather, attics are designed to help insulate the home. The fact that some of them can be used for storage is simply a side benefit. And if your home does have a garage, you don’t want to fill it with stuff at the cost of being able to fill it with your car.

Why A Storage Unit Is Better

So if there are all those problems with at home storage, what makes a storage unit better? For starters, a storage unit is designed as storage space from the start. You won’t have to worry about it having to play double duty as both storage and living space, as so many areas of the home would have to do. Instead, you can simply shove your stuff into your storage unit, and know that you can stuff it to the gills and it won’t be a problem.

Secondly, the people who tend to storage units work incredibly hard to ensure your stuff is protected. The modern storage unit is more than simply a concrete box out in the blazing, blistering sun. These days, storage units are often kept in an environmentally controlled area, kept behind more than a simple chain gate. They’re kept neat and tidy, and people pay for their upkeep to ensure that the stuff that goes inside of them won’t suffer the mad varieties of the weather.

Lastly, if you need more space, a storage unit can make that happen. Your house will only get so large, after all. It’s much easier to get more space by renting more storage units than it is to build more sections of your house. So by renting a storage unit, you’re making it much easier to get more space as you need it.

Ultimately, getting a storage unit solves every storage problem you have. It gives you an easy, dependable way to store all your things, and not have to worry about if your things are being cared for. You can rest easy, knowing that a storage unit is really everything you needed and more.

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