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You have a variety of options available to you when you need to move home, offices or simply relocate large items from one location to another. The type of moving services you need is largely dependent upon your unique requirements: 1. Hire A Moving Van Or Truck This is probably the most inexpensive and simplest solution. However, you need to be aware that you will need to do all the heavy lifting yourself and drive your goods to the destination point. If you hire a moving truck, you may need a truck drivers licence. This moving method is more suitable to small moves. 2. Partial Moving Services Using a professional moving company to relocate can be a costly exercise. You can minimize these costs by using only some of the services on offer from a removal expert. The basics should include the loading and unloading of the goods as well as the drive to the destination point. The amount of items will determine the size of the vehicle that needs to be used which will also affect the cost. Moving costs are higher near the end of the month and on weekends. 3. Comprehensive Moving Services This is probably the most convenient and efficient way to relocate. Apart from the basic services mentioned above, you will receive a packing and unpacking service that will mean you won’t have to box-up all your loose items yourself. All your furniture items, appliances and electronics will receive the care and protection they require to prevent them from becoming damaged during the removal process. In addition, your goods will be insured against any loss, damage or theft that may occur. This insurance will allow you to repair or replace any items that have failed to arrive in perfect condition at your destination. We proudly serve all your self-storage needs all over Westchester County by way of our ubox it we pick it up for FREE service¬†